The STS is a Public Transportation Service provided by the Seneca Nation. It is a privilege to use and all passengers, drivers and/or other users shall employ appropriate and respectful behavior as everyone is entitled to a safe, clean and pleasant experience.

Any conduct that violates one or any combination of STS rules, whether a single occurrence or on a continuing basis, may result in temporary or permanent suspension of riding privileges.

  • Priority seating at the front of the bus shall be given to disabled persons and/or elders at their request or by request of the driver.
  • Consuming food or beverages while on the bus is prohibited.
  • Beverages may be transported in their original containers but must be capped and closed.
  • Appropriate attire including shirt and shoes are required to ride the bus.
  • Headphones are to be utilized when using personal electronic devices.

There is ZERO TOLERANCE for violation of the following rules and passenger(s) may be immediately expelled from the bus:

  • Smoking, use of tobacco products, consumption of alcohol and use/or possession of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Vandalizing or tampering with SN and/or STS property or the property of others is strictly prohibited.
  • The transport of any hazardous material as defined by NYSDMV/NYSDOT (flammable or explosive materials) is strictly prohibited.
  • Any behavior or act that creates unsanitary conditions is strictly prohibited.
  • Verbal and /or physical threats, abuse, foul language, shouting, fighting or any aggressive or unruly behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • Lying down on seats or floor is prohibited.

Only clearly identified service animals will be allowed on the bus. All other animals including pets caged or not, will not be transported.