Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use WIFI on the bus?2018-10-16T18:08:07-04:00

Search “networks” on your electronic device. Add the network STS01 or STS02. Type in the password snidot@123.

Where can I use my 30-day or 1-day pass?2018-10-16T18:08:30-04:00

Passes are valid on OATS, SBU and Access Allegany.

How long are passes valid?2018-10-16T18:08:57-04:00

30-day passes are valid for unlimited rides for 30 days, to expire on the date punched.

1-day passes are valid for unlimited rides for the day punched.

Passes not punched, not legible, or otherwise damaged are not valid.

Do I have to pay deviation fare if I have a pass?2018-10-16T18:09:14-04:00

Yes. Passes are only valid for regular fare. Route deviations are $1 each.

How do I transfer between STS, OATS, SBU, and Access Allegany?2018-10-16T18:09:30-04:00

When transferring, the driver will hand you a transfer slip. Hand transfer slip to your transferring bus driver. Transfer slips cannot be used for return trips.

Do drivers make change?2018-10-16T18:09:45-04:00

No. Please be prepared with exact fare as the drivers do not carry change.

What time should I be at the bus stop?2018-10-16T18:10:06-04:00

A few minutes before the scheduled stop time.

How do I schedule a deviation?2018-10-16T18:10:24-04:00

Call 585-968-0834 (48 hours in advance).

Where can I transfer onto OATS?2018-10-16T18:10:48-04:00

Center Street Plaza

Salamanca Bingo Hall

How do I read the schedule?2018-10-16T18:12:43-04:00

Check out our how-to video and see how easy it is to ride with Seneca Transit System.

Is my printed schedule current?2018-11-16T19:30:31-05:00

The current schedule is Purple. All other colored schedules are outdated. The schedules on this website are always up to date.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?2018-11-16T19:34:08-05:00

You can contact us at:

Phone: 716.945.1790 x3068 | 716.532.5900 x5018
Cell: 716.801.1468
Email: contact@senecatransit.com or sts@sni.org

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